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A buy-to-let property is a place you buy with the intention of renting it out to someone else. It’s like purchasing a little piece of the real estate market as an investment, aiming to earn from the rental income or even potential property value increases over time.

Are you considering stepping into the landlord game and snagging one for yourself? Here’s a calculator that can assist you in determining the potential mortgage amount they could borrow based on specific financial inputs. To use the calculator, you merely need to enter two key pieces of information:

  1. Property Value: The current market value or purchase price of the property you are interested in.
  2. Monthly Rental Income: The expected or current monthly rent the property could yield.

Once you have inputted these details, the calculator will process the information and display an estimated mortgage value that you could potentially borrow.

This figure is calculated by taking into account the property’s value and its capability to generate income, thus assisting you in making informed decisions about your investment.

It’s important to remember that the calculated amount is an estimate and the actual mortgage offer may vary based on the lender’s assessment and your financial circumstances.

If you’ve any more questions, please enter your details, and our expert mortgage advisors will connect with you to discuss further.

Buy To Let Mortgage Calculator

Get in touch now to discuss this further with our expert mortgage advisors for free.

The figures provided by this calculator are for illustrative purposes and actual figures would depend on your situation and circumstances. Please connect with our mortgage advisors to discuss further.​
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