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Bitcoin/Crypto Mortgages

A crypto mortgage is a relatively new concept that allows you to use your cryptocurrency as collateral to buy a home.

Crypto mortgages are loans taken out to buy a home, but instead of using traditional currencies like pounds or dollars, they involve cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Essentially, instead of selling your crypto, you can use it as a form of security for the loan.

Can You Get a Crypto Mortgage in the UK?

As of now, crypto-backed mortgages have not been formally launched in the UK. However, some mortgage lenders do allow profits from cryptocurrency to be used towards a mortgage deposit.

Notably, Barclays, Tandem Bank, Bluestone Mortgages, and Pepper Money are among the banks that accept mortgage deposits from the sale of crypto.

How Does A Crypto-Backed Mortgage Work?

In a crypto-backed mortgage, the loan amount is determined based on the value of your cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), or USD Coin (USDC).

These digital assets are then held as security until the loan is repaid. This process is similar to traditional lending models, where borrowers can borrow and lend in exchange for a fee or interest.

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Crypto Mortgage
Bitcoin/Crypto Mortgages
LendingLine Team

Crypto Mortgage: The Ultimate Guide

Planning to buy a house using the profits gained from crypto sales? Here is a complete guide detailing the benefits, legality, mortgage application process, and more.

Does Investing In Crypto Affect Mortgage
Bitcoin/Crypto Mortgages
LendingLine Team

Does Investing In Crypto Affect Mortgage

Are you worried that investing in crypto like Bitcoin and Ethereum may affect your mortgage application? Check out this informative article to learn how you can still qualify for a mortgage.

Crypto-Friendly Mortgage Lenders
Bitcoin/Crypto Mortgages
LendingLine Team

Crypto-Friendly Mortgage Lenders

Wondering if there are any mortgage lenders who will allow you to use cryptocurrency to fund a house deposit? This article highlights a few crypto-friendly mortgage lenders for your convenience.

Can You Buy A House With Bitcoin
Bitcoin/Crypto Mortgages
LendingLine Team

Can You Buy A House With Bitcoin?

Wondering if you can buy a house with bitcoin? Check out this article to learn how to buy a property using this decentralised form of cryptocurrency.

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